Know when to hire our skilled contractor

When we think of all the things we have inspected, the last thing that comes to mind is our roof. We have everything from routine dental checkups to routine car maintenance, so why wouldn't we have a routine roof checkup? Your roof is a longterm investment and unknown damage will only worsen over time if not correctly promptly. Ensuring your roof is in good condition ensures your whole home is protected and may help to prevent costly repairs.

The NorthFace Roofing Company recommends routine roof inspections once a year in the fall or spring and after any major weather event such as hail, high winds, or storms with airborne or falling debris. Even if your roof is new or you cannot see anything wrong, weather events can cause significant storm damage though older roofs are typically more susceptible to damage. Our experience has taught us that performing semi-annual maintenance checks can identify and correct small issues that may become costly if unattended.

  • The most frequent reasons for roof inspections include:
  • To assess the extent of storm related roof damage
  • To assess quality of workmanship
  • To assess condition of materials
  • To determine the probable estimated life expectancy of the roof
  • To provide recommended general maintenance
  • To determine the cause of leakage

Regardless of the reason for roof inspection services, roof inspections are best performed on the roof(not from the ground) by someone who has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors, including:
  • Normal weathering
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Storm related damage
  • Intentional (i.e. mechanical/hammer-caused) damage
  • Un-intentional (i.e. foot fall, tree limbs, rodents, etc) damage
  • Standard methods of installation
  • Compliance to local code requirements
  • Proper integration of roofing with siding
  • Proper ventilation

Whether you're in the middle of a home inspection or dealing with roof storm damage, our inspection services are right for you. To schedule a roof inspection, call The NorthFace Roofing Company in Brimfield MA & Surrounding Area call 774-203-9998.