Repair or Replace your Roof?

Having a functional, fully protective roof is important to the overall maintenance of your house and repairing or replacing it may be one of the largest home improvement decisions you may ever have to make. Tearing down the whole roof for minor repairs is overkill but simply patching or covering up the problem could cause damage to run deeper. It is important to understand all the factors.

Age of Roof

If your roof is nearing the end of its life, suffered storm damage, or simply showing signs of aging, you should consider replacing it. Even if it is not actively leaking yet, it may start without your knowledge resulting in mold, wood rot, and costly structural repairs. Whether you plan to stay in your home a long time or if you are planning to sell soon, a new roof can be worth the investment.

Roof Leaks

If you have seen water stains in the attic or even running across ceilings or your wall, you may have a leaky roof. Ignored water problems can lead to mold, rotting framing or roof sheathing, damaged ceilings or walls, and wet insulation. Consulting with a roof professional can help you avoid these costly issues.

Aesthetic or Structural Damage

You may be able to visibly see that your roof is old and worn. You may have moss, dark streaks or even algae growing in between the roofing materials. Other items to look for are curled or cupped shingle edges, bald spots from missing granules, or cracked, perforated or missing roof tiles.

New England Climate

New England is known for its harsh winters and hot summers. In the past few years we have been seeing excess snow, wind, hail, and even hurricanes. Those extreme conditions can take a toll on your roof even it is not at the end of its recommended life span. Damage from hail and falling debris or the weight of heavy snow may affect your roof’s long-term performance, appearance, and ability to form a watertight roof deck.

Energy Efficiency

Roofing materials have made significant advances over the last several decades. The new shingle technologies allow for a much higher energy efficiency, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, ultimately saving you money on utilities. In addition, the advancements made in roof ventilation allow for improved airflow around a home’s roof, not only improving the efficiency but also extending its life. An older roof may be costing you money in more ways than one and with rising energy costs, the best option may be to have it replaced.

How Long Do You Plan to Stay in Your Home?

If you plan to stay in your home for an extended time, it is wise to protect your investment…literally. Ensuring that your roof is in great shape and functioning properly will help you avoid future costly repairs not only to the roof structure but to your entire home. If you plan to sell in the near future, you may also consider replacing an aging roof to help bump up its curb appeal and value.

Do You Have a Viable Insurance Claim?

The cost of replacing or repairing your roof depends on the size of the roof, the extend of the damage, and the type of roof desired. A homeowner’s policy usually includes roof damage and the cost it takes to replace or repair it if the damage is a result of an act of nature or sudden accident. Neglect or normal wear-and-tear is not usually covered. If you see that others in the neighborhood are having their roofs repaired or replaced after a storm, there may be a good chance your own insurance company will cover the damage as well.

Partial Reroofing May Be an Option

During a storm you may have received damage on only one section of the roof (in the case of a fallen branch, for example). Partial reroofing may be an an option. Depending on the location, reroofing the entire section will probably look better as blending the new and old tiles together will be less noticeable.

Should I repair or Replace my Roof?

There are many factors to consider when deciding between repairing and replacing your roof. It will depend on the roof’s age, condition, damage, geographic location, current energy bills, how long you plan to live there, and if insurance will help pay the costs. While replacing your roof is more expensive, you will get peace of mind knowing one of your largest investments (your home) will be protected for years.

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