Roofing Services

Roof repair, roof replacement & Insurance roof work for homes & businesses. We specialize in asphalt shingle, metal & flat commercial roofs.

a man on a ladder is working on a roof.

Roof Repair

Our crews are highly efficient at  roof leak repair and roof hole patching. Our team has years of experience diagnosing and repairing leaks to prevent property damage and preserve the integrity of your roof. Whether your roof has storm damage or just regular wear and tear, we’ll come out and provide a free estimate and a competitive quote.

Roof Replacement

If your roof needs to be replaced, we offer a wide variety of shingles and accessories for your home from reputable companies such as CertainTeed and GAF. As Certified CertainTeed Installers, we guarantee every project and don’t cut corners.

an aerial view of a roof being installed on a house.

What's our roof replacement process?

Prep Work

We'll move any items away from your home that could be damaged during the process. Then we set up tarps to protect you house and keep the area around it clean of debris.

Demo Work

We remove all existing layers of shingles and underlayment's to get down to the roof decking. This includes all flashing around chimneys, pipe boots, etc. We also provide a decking inspection to ensure there is no rotted wood before we install your new roof.


Before installing the new shingles, we install ice and water shield a minimum of 6ft on all eves, 3ft in all valleys, around all chimneys, pipe boots and other areas where holes are made in the decking. Synthetic underlayment is then installed on all other sections of the roof.


The new shingles are installed along with all necessary flashing, vents, etc. to ensure every component of the roof is going to last.

Follow Up & Warranty

Upon completion, we register your roof with the manufacturer so that you receive their full warranty and all of the benefits they offer. We also guarantee the work we do so if there is ever an issue, make us your first call.

a man on a ladder is working on a roof.

Insurance Roof Work

Navigating the intricacies of insurance-covered roof damage can be challenging. We can handle any insurance-related roof issues, whether from storm damage, fire incidents, or other covered events. We are here to assist you throughout the insurance claim procedure, collaborating closely with your insurance provider to facilitate a thorough assessment. Our team will quickly carry out the required repairs or replacements, aiming to reduce stress and maximize your coverage.