What’s the best time of year to replace your roof?

Your roof is your home’s greatest protector and it is important to ensure it is doing its job as well as possible. Even with maintenance and keeping up with repairs, eventually you will need to look into a replacement roof. If your roof is over 20 years old, you have been experiencing leaks, higher energy bills, or other issues it is probably time to consider a replacement.

While it is best to replace your roof as soon as you know it is needed, some seasons are actually better than others.

Replacing Your Roof in the Spring

In New England, spring is often the time that homeowners realize that their roof has reached the end of its life. After a harsh winter, snow, ice, and wind may have damaged your older roof. You may even have noticed leaking as the snow started to melt.

Luckily, spring may be good time to get your roof replaced, especially in later spring. Warmer weather will allow your roofing material to be more pliable and less apt to break and the adhesive used on asphalt shingle will be more effective when the temperature is a little higher.

Replacing Your Roof in the Summer

Summer may be the best time to replace your roof, especially if you can schedule it during a time when the temperatures are not too hot yet. With less rain than the spring, early summer will have less humidity and better working conditions for your roofers.

One of the biggest benefits of roofing in the summer is that the tar strip on the back of asphalt shingles will have a better chance to warm up and activate, adhering properly to your roof.

Replacing Your Roof in the Fall

Fall may be the second best time to replace your roof. The weather is more predictable and less extreme. Humidity is usually low and workers may not need to take the midday hours off when the sun heats the roof up too much.

Replacing Your Roof in the Winter

Winter is definitely the worst time to replace a roof but sometimes you do not have a choice, especially if you have extreme damage. Unfortunately, cold weather will make your roofing materials brittle and shingles may crack or break. Sealants will not be as pliable so shingles will take much longer to adhere to each other than other times of the year.

Planning Ahead

Unfortunately many homeowners wait until there is a significant problem before trying to schedule a roof replacement. By then, you may already have extensive damage not only to your roof’s structure but possibly to other areas of your home.

By planning ahead, you can choose the best roofer at the best time of year for your home ensuring that the job is done well. You will have time to review different materials and warranties while feeling more comfortable knowing that your new roof is worth the investment.

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